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Many dogs fall ill after first vaccination

Posted on July 17, 2012 at 8:10 AM

I was away for a week visiting my mum for the first time in two years at the end of june/begining of July. Tony had a terrible week when many of the dogs became ill after having their first vaccination. Us and the vets were totally baffled as the pups and dogs were different ages, kept in different parts of the buildings and no other dogs or pups were ill at the time. None of them including the dogs that fell ill had a temperature. All the dogs that had  their second vaccinations were fine and both us and the vets double checked all the vaccine bottles and all were well in date. Two vets came out and none of us can come up with any explanation. Sadly Hamish, Manni and Jerry died while I was away and Kirstie died just after I came back. Dooley, leeba and Hvidfod weren't very well but made a full recovery.

 Tony did update about Jerry but then just didn't feel able to write anything about the others as he was so upset. I did say I would update about it when I got back and apologise for being late in doing so. Things are always quite hectic here but it has been even more chaotic for the past couple of weeks with the builders here doing the roof and on top of that Tony wasn't well when his diabetes got dangerously out of control so we have had a few hospital visits.

We always feel so bad on the people who named pups when they don't make it and all i can say is that we did our best for them, They knew love and care and the donation for naming them helped with their costs for food, flea and worm treatements, vitamins and medication.

R.I.P Jerry, Hamish, Manni and Kirstie.



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Reply Lindsay
4:42 AM on July 18, 2012 
dear Diane, there may have been an outside contagian or perhaps a substance the builders were using , ie glue or wood preserver that they inhaled . I still wonder if because it was a brown site that there is something present in the soil or ground surface, of the yard ie tar or solvents it might be a good idea to have tests done just to check it out.Lindsay