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Thank you to our Supporters in the Sunsuper Competition. Please help RSDR now in our Roof Appeal before winter.

Posted on July 1, 2012 at 9:30 AM



I would like to thank everyone for their hard work these past 30 days in promoting RSDR in the Sunsuper Dream competition for June 2012.
I would also like to thank all the other registered charities that participated, and note all are deserving in benefiting animals and people. So thank you for participating. RSDR feel honoured to be a part of it all.


All team members and supporters worked extremely hard promoting RSDR in Facebook, Twitter, Forums, Email, family, and other online social applications, with trying to get the word out as much as possible to Vote for RSDR. We can't thank you enough for those that worked so hard.


Throughout the competition there were 3 small charities fighting it out for first place.


Early on in the competition, RSDR took the lead twice, but changed positions from First to Second to third and back, and were then coming second/third for about 10 days. From the 18th June RSDR managed to take first place, and stayed in that position for over 12 days with a lead of approximately 800 votes.


Unfortunately on the last day of the competition, a late entry by a foundation run by a celebrity actor was entered. Even though we applaud this foundations charitial aims and ideas, I will admit being disappointed that it took 1 Tweet on the Famous Actors Twitter page, to overtake all the smaller charities within 6 hours, whilst all of the smaller charities had all worked so hard for 30 days.


Votes were coming in about 100 votes per minute in those final few hours.....and RSDR tried desperately to fight back, however they easily overtook us with about 1.5 hours to go in the competition.


The competition has now closed, and Votes will be now checked officially and the winner will be announced in the following days.


However, we need YOUR support more then ever now to help RSDR. We have only 4 months to rasie 16,000 euro for the remaining 2 sections of the roof.


I honestly do not believe it will last another winter and that it will collapse.


I still keep thinking of the times last Winter when Diane and I would be talking together and she would be telling me how frightened she was...the roof was making creakin and loud noises, and bowing and sagging so low from the heavy snow.......holes were opening up in the roof near the staffroom......It was a very frightening time and I still remember just how frightened they all were.


The ROOF situation is now a life threatening situation and time is running out. It is not only the dogs and cats that I am worried about, it's also Diane & Tony. I know Diane will never leave them, if the roof was coming down on them, they would all go together. I don't want that to happen.


I implore everyone now to please help by making a donation on our roof fund either on the donate options at

or by paypal donation email [email protected]

Thank you all very much.


Anita Weber.


Screen shot 24 hours before end of competition and in the final minute.



Words from our Founder Diane Rowles on the 30 June 2012.


I woke up to the disappointing news that we didn't come first in the Sunsuper Dreams competition. We were pipped at the post by a late entry, a foundation of a famous actor who obviously has many fans.


We really only have four months now to raise funds for the new shelter roof. Last winter the roof nearly collapsed under the weight of snow which would have been devastating. We now have nearly 150 dogs and cats at the shelter and there is nowhere else for them. We cannot risk facing another winter with the danger of the roof collapsing and killing all the dogs. We have raised one third of the total cost and the builder has agreed to do a third of the roof. This still leaves the problem that two thirds of the building is unsafe for the 100 animals in that part. For months now we have been praying for more adoptions and saying we can only take in the most critical cases. Sadly there are so many critical cases and if we don't take them it would be certain death for them.


What do we do? Bring them to a shelter where the dogs already there are at risk from a dangerous roof or leave them to die?


It is easy to say we can't take any more dogs but when you are knelt over a tiny pup that has no chance of surviving on the streets or a dog that has been so badly starved and abused that it can't stand, then it is another matter. I personally can't walk away and leave them and i know that none of us could and our supporters wouldn't want us to, so we just have to raise the funds for the rest of the roof to be done. We have to do it for our dogs as there is no other option. Please help us in our appeal.


I would like to thank everyone who voted and supported for us and most of all Anita who submitted her dream and has worked non-stop for the past month.

Diane. x

Rudozem Street Dog Rescue (RSDR)



If you can help by making a donation on our roof fund either on the donate options at


If you can help with any fundraising for the roof please go to:







ALL SUPPORTERS -- Use Easysearch to search on the net, and raise funds for RSDR at the same time.

go to http://​


UK SUPPORTERS -- Use the Easyfundraising site, to shop. Go to: http://​​causes/rsdr/

You can shop from over 2,000 well known stores and each will donate up to 15% of what you spend.

It's very simple - once you've registered with Easyfundraising making RSDR your Cause. When you shop with one of the retailers, the Easyfundraising system makes a note of your purchase, collects the donation from the retailer and passes it to your chosen good cause. That's it! No hassle for you, we do all the hard work while you shop as your normally would.

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