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Rosie's pups now born

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16 May 2015

A month ago yesterday we were late in coming home from the shelter. We saw a small dog crossing the bridge in Rudozem. There were people crossing the bridge and she lay down cowering. We stopped jumped out of the car a rushed across the road. We thought she must belong to someone. We said Ok we cannot leave her on the streets, so we took her home and if she does belong to someone then they will know we took her. We asked around and nobody knew about her or her friend who we rescued later that night. It became clear Rosie was pregnant and had been dumped on the streets to fend for herself. Can you imagine little Rosie fighting for her and her pups survival.

Pup 1 born

Pup 2 born

Previous Blogs for 2014

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We would like to thank Paula who used to do our blog at  She was a wonderful help and wrote some wonderful articles.  Unfortunately she is no longer able to help with maintaining the wordpress blog so we have decided to go back to the website format.   For all 2014 articles please see above.

Statement from RSDR

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It has come to our attention that two dogs were recently euthanised in Holland as they are reported to have had rabies. We would like to make it clear that these dogs were NOT from RSDR (Rudozem Street Dog Rescue).

The dogs reportedly arrived in Holland on the 5th october. Our last adoption transport arrived in Holland on the 19th September and our next adoption trip isn't until the 27th October. We are very upset by this news and wish that it would be made public exactly where the puppies came from, firstly as people need to be warned and secondly because it will inevitably affect the adoption of all dogs from Bulgaria and is unfair on those of us who do have strict vaccination policies and keep strictly to the laws.

All our dogs are vaccinated with Nobivac rabies vaccine and none of them leave the shelter until at least 21 days after vaccination. The earliest any dog can be safely vaccinated is at 12 weeks of age. No dog leaves RSDR without being fully vaccinated. They are all with us for quite some time as apart from being vaccinated we need to assess their suitability for adoption.

Diane Rowles

Rudozem Street Dog Rescue
Foundation No. 175647065


May 2013 Newsletter and update on Luke

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The May 2013 Newsletter is now available on the website.  Press on the below photo.

Update from Diane on Facebook about Luke - 1 June 2013

I have managed to get to the shelter this evening and this is the first time I have been online in a week. Sorry I haven’t replied to any e mails or messages or thanked anyone for donations but my laptop isn’t connected to the internet at the house yet. Once it is I will be back online and try and catch up with things.

I have stayed with Luke since he had a Grand mal fit last Saturday. It was very scarey as he didn’t regain consciousness for twenty minutes and then the doctors told us he had suffered a minor heart attack. He has seen a neurologist and the cardiologist several times during the past week and he thinks it was a combination of different painkillers that triggered it and the fact that he hadn’t slept for several nights. He has put him on tablets for now but hopes to bring him off them soon and doesn’t think there is any permanent damage. On Tuesday he goes to hospital for an EEG.

He still has to take things very easy as he gets tired very quickly and feels his heart racing.

He had the fit in the car with Kerry and Kosta after they were leaving Tony’s birthday BBQ. Luckily Sam and Carmel were right behind them so Carmel got out and helped Kerry and Sam rushed back to get us. Luke didn’t have a clue what had happened and when he came round at the roadside he thought he had been in a crash. He was rushed by ambulance to Rudozem hospital and then on to Smolian hospital. He was still very confused at Smolian hospital and kept saying he wanted to leave. We had an argument with the nurses and doctor on duty when they said they weren’t going to treat him if he wanted to leave and he could just go. Kerry explained to them that he was scared and confused and that we had calmed him down and he understood that he needed to stay but they still refused him treatment. We had to take him by car back to Rudozem with a drip still attached and tell them what had happened. The staff there were great. We will putting in a complaint about the staff on duty at smolian.

Thank you to everyone for your wishes and blessings for Luke.

Diane. x

Luke has been taken to the hospital

Posted on May 25, 2013 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (9)

For those that don't know, Tony wrote a post earlier on facebook saying that he and Diane would not be online for awhile and will not be able to answer messages or emails.  

Luke their son has been taken to hosptial.  He suffered a fit, and from the fit, a small heart attack.  Diane is at the hospital in Smolian with him currently.  Luke has come around at the hospital and Luke is now talking.  The doctors are doing tests.  Tony has advised he will update us later on what is happening, so please keep Luke in all your thoughts and send your love.  You can leave messages for Luke on our facebook page at:  or on this blog.


This is a photo of Luke only a few days ago, when he released a bird he had rescued. Luke is a courageous young man, and we all are hoping for a speedy recovery. Please keep him all in your thoughts and love.

Luke releasing a bird he has rescued a few days ago after it recovered.

Luke with some of the dogs at RSDR  (Chase, Laura and Oliver)


Luke rescuing a fox when he was 15 years old. (left)  And with Ranger, first rescue dog (that Luke rescued)

If anyone can help RSDR's shelter going, especially at this hard time for the Rowles family they would appreciate it very much. Donations will help with feeding & medicines for the animals, aswell as go towards the very much needed renovations to the shelter.  It was only a few months ago, that a Municipality representative has said to RSDR that if the shelter is not up to EU standard soon, then Diane Rowles (Lukes mum) as she is the founder, will be charged and sent to prison.

So we are urgently needing donations to renovate the shelter. If anyone can help in this time of need. Please go to the donate page of our website 


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Message from Owners Daughter "LOLA'S COME HOME!! My parents went downstairs this morning to their back door and she was there wagging her tail!! She had come home!! She was very hungry but this timid dog was very excited! My parents thought they were dreaming! Wherever she went she managed to get back again !! Thank you so much for your wonderful help yesterday - my parents were overwhelmed by loveliness. It's so good to know she had come home. Little mischief maker!! Thanks guys x"

More recent photo of Lola given to us below.

Update on Flossy

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On the 20th march we took Flossy and Sebastian to be spayed and neutered. It was quite a long drive but they were both very good in the car. Flossy just lay down on a blanket on the back seat. Once she did try to climb over my shoulder to get in the front with me, but after Tony held her on his knee for a while, she was happy to settle on the back seat again. When I got out of the car, Tony said she was jumping up at the window crying for me. She does need a lot reassurance and gets easily worried and isn't entirely comfortable with a lead. She did have a snap at Tony when i went in to the vets and he stayed outside with her and he went to pick her up when she got upset. She also had a bit of a snap whilst she was in the vets.

The following day she was feeling very sorry for herself and wouldn't leave the large cage that she was in in the staff room. Yesterday she ventured out of the cage and decided she was going to snuggle up with us on the settee. When Luke came to work she was very pleased to see him. She seems particularly warey of men but makes an exception for Luke. She has been great with the other dogs in the staffroom and today had a bit of a play with them. When she isn't snuggled up next to us, her favourite place is on the windowledge where she can bark at anyone she spots. She is so much happier and more settled today,

The German Shepherd mum that we rescued the same day as Flossy had a very unsettled first night and was disturbing the other dogs by trying to get out of her pen. She has now settled and her and the pups all seem to be doing ok. She has been called Mary and is an extremely affectionate and loving girl.

Sebastian who was neutered when Flossy was spayed, is recovering well. (picture below- Flossy on the way back from the vets).


Busy day with 5 more rescues.

Posted on March 18, 2013 at 8:55 PM Comments comments (1)

Last night we had a phone call from Gary who transports the dogs, asking us if we could help a little dog that had been dumped at the Bulgaria/Greece checkpoint a month ago. She hadn't moved as if she was waiting for someone to come back for her. On the way out of Rudozem we spotted a pup near the road that we had tried to catch before. It is one of a litter of older pups who are all terrified of people and won't even come near us for food. We stopped and tried to feed the pup and a man and lady told us that one of its brothers or sisters was hit by a car yesterday. The pup managed to drag itself down near the riverbank but they thought it's back was broken and phoned for the vet. The vet never turned up so we went to look for the pup. Sadly we found him/her dead near some bushes. The only consolation was that someone ( probably the lady who told us about it) had covered the pup with a blanket and old coat and put bread near it before it died.

An hour later we arrived at the checkpoint and saw the little dog. she wanted to be friends but was still timid. she froze when we went to pick her up but made no attempt to bite. We decided to leave her on the back seat of the car next to kerry instead of putting her in the cage. It wasn't long before she was snuggled up next to Kerry, sleeping. Her coat is terribly matted and she is covered in ticks. We named her flossy on the journey home. Whilst we were at the checkpoint, the guards asked us if we could take a mother dog and her pup that had also been dumped. Sadly the mum was too scared to let us get her. The guards assured us that her pup was safe in a little church and they would continue to feed them and try and get mum more used to people and let us know when they are able to get her so that we can take mum and pup together.

On the way back we stopped suddenly after seeing a German Shepherd in the road. She was watching the car and wagging her tail. Tony was first to get out and she was all over him, jumping up and happy to see him. He quickly shouted for us to help him as she had pups that were wandering towards the road. There was a little nearby and an elderley couple came out. they said the mum and pups had been dumped by someone and they had been feeding them. They asked if we could take them and the lady insisted on giving us a loaf of bread for them.

Tomorrow we have to take Shiva to the vets to be spayed so we thought it best to take Flossy who we picked up today. As it is, she is in a large cage in the staffroom so she may aswell be spayed and recover whilst she is in with us. Usually we would give her more time to settle but although she shows no signs of being pregnant, we can't take the chance of more pups as we are struggling for space. the vet will also clip or shave her as her coat is terribly matted with the knots going right down to her skin.,


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12 February 2013


We have been advised by the municipality vets today that if the shelter is not up to EU standard soon, RSDR will close, and Founder Diane Rowles will be charged and sent to prison.


The EU are putting pressure on all municipalities about shelter and non government shelters to be up to EU standard. RSDR explained that is one of our aims to have everything renovated as and when we try and raise funds. The municipality vets know this, as they have been aware we have been trying to raise funds for years and have advised them what needs doing. They want to help but they say the mayor is not listening.


The municipality vets have left us with a big folder with a TO DO LIST. We now need to raise the funds urgently!


If anyone can please donate at . Currently we have no target on how much funds we need to raise for renovations and the isolation unit, as the builder with it being winter, stops work and there is no response at the moment. Once a target is known, we will write this above the paypal widget.


Renovation will mean all floors, walls, windows, doors, ceilings, and drainage will need doing and also the building splitting into a room for an isolation area, food prep area etc. After that comes the construction of the individual pens.


Apart from the major issue of raising the funds, we will also have to empty that part of the building of dogs so the work can be done. At the moment we have 33 dogs in in that section, and there is no room to move them anywhere else. We need help with getting these dogs adopted!!


Last year we built extra pens outside to move dogs into while work was being done on the Roof, but these are all now full.

At the moment we have over 150 dogs and 16 cats. There is no electricity in the main parts of the building where the dog and cat pens are. No hot water at all and the only heating is the small log burner in the staff room. We have no washing machine and the only sink in the place is a tiny hand sink in the staff room.


We also need a decent sized sink and plumbing for a washing machine in the area next to the staffroom. For now we will get a small electric water heater so we will at least have hot water. In the summer we wash and bath the dogs outside, using a large plastic tub and watering can. We have to boil water so that we have warm water. Dirty bedding and blankets are also washed by hand and hung over the fence to dry. None of this is possible in the winter. We have a backlog of blankets to wash and we are struggling to bath new rescued pups which might be very dirty.




Rescue of pups from near Smolian hospital

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We have just got back from a particularly difficult rescue. Last week we were contacted by quite a few people about a mother dog and her 8 pups that were near the hospital in Smolian. We had explained that we had no room for them but for the past few days we have been trying to integrate two pens of dogs to make room for them. Our other concern was that we have recently lost pups with an infection and not having an isolation area, we didn't want to risk any new pups catching the infection. However it has been said by other people that the pups face certain death where they are and better that they come to the shelter.

This morning I had another e mail from someone saying that one of the pups had been hit by a car. The driver could see the pup but made no attempt to avoid it. It did get up and join the rest of the pups in their hiding place. Originally there were 8 pups but over the last few days one has gone missing. We did find one dead pup in like a concrete pit so we are presuming that is the missing pup.

When we arrived the pups were out of their hiding place but we only managed to catch one before they disappeared down a hole into an underground tunnel. Whilst waiting to see if any came back out, Tony heard a pup crying from another area. The whole area is a mass of drains and underground pipes and tunnels which made it very dangerous. We were met there by Julian and Savvina who had e mailed earlier today. We all followed the sound of the crying pup and Julian traced it to an 8 foot drainage hole in the ground. There was no way of getting the pup out without going into the hole which is what Julien did. Luckily the pup didn’t run off down one of the tunnels and he managed to get her and pass her up to Tony. Tony then had to help Julien up as only his outstretched hands reached above ground.

Once we had put the little girl pup with her brother in the cage, we turned our attention back to getting the other pups. Unfortunately they wouldn’t come out so Tony had to climb through the narrow entrance hole into a very cramped underground tunnel which had metal rods sticking out in various places. Julien lay down with just his legs sticking out and Tony passed pups to him and then he passed them out. It was made more difficult by the fact that the pups were so scared and trying to bite.

Once we had all the pups we looked for mum. She has been spending less time with her pups and not always feeding them when she did go back to see them. We eventually found her but she was very nervous and untrusting. She did go to a lady who owned a nearby shop and Tony managed to then get a lead on her. She totally freaked out and was trying to bite and all but chewed through the lead. We had to let her go as there was no chance of us managing to get her in the car without upsetting her more and someone getting badly bitten. We don’t like leaving the mother dogs behind but sometimes there is no option and if we didn’t take the pups, they wouldn’t survive. The seven pups are now back at the shelter.



A big thank you to Savvina and Julien who met us there and also to Nikola who had first emailed me about the mum pups and is in contact to see how they are and to the doctor from the hospital who phoned Kerry about them.


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At the moment we are being visited by the lovely Erin Parks from Canada who is doing a video documentary. Today we went to Smolian and we were showing Erin the many dogs on the streets. It was heartbreaking that we couldn't bring them all back and for some all we could do was feed them. One large black and white male dog was following me about thinking he had found a friend and someone to feed him. We just don't have anywhere that we could put an adult male so I had to ask Tony to put more food down for him to distract him while I walked away which was a difficult thing to do.

We saw one young girl lay down at the side of a busy road in some leaves. I went to see that she was ok and give her some food but she was more interested in affection than food. Being a young girl she typically wanted to play and was mouthing and gently chewing at me. It is always worrying when young dogs on the streets do this as you just know that they will be accused of biting by someone who doesn't speak dog language. We discussed it and decided that we could try her in a pen with dogs we have of a similar age so we brought her back to the shelter. she has now been named Cecilia by Jane Summerfield.

We saw a young pup lay down near a shop. She was wearing a collar but was wandering about following other street dogs and then started following Tony. We were worried for her safety when she tried crossing a busy road. We went back to the shop where we had originally seen her and asked if they knew who she belonged to. They told us she had been dumped there weeks ago and to take her otherwise she would be killed. On the way back to the shelter, we stopped in rudozem and tony went in the shop whilst i was feeding some of the street cats. When he came out of the shop he was stopped by the police. Seeing four policemen and two other men I went over to see what was going on. Apparently the pup with the collar had belonged to someone and she had escaped. The man had come from smolian to find us. Although we were concerned that the pup was on the streets when we found her, we were really pleased that he had her vaccination records with him and medication that she was on and that he had bothered driving to Rudozem to find her. It was all sorted out very amicably and the man has our card so that if ever he can't care for her he knows where to bring her.

Cecilia, the pup we brought back to the shelter.


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Yesterday we took Courage the pup for an operation to have his eye removed. When we first rescued him we thought the eyeball was actually missing but on a recent visit to the vet, we discovered that he did have an eyeball but it was very badly damaged and would have to be removed. He also had a fungal infection in one ear and two fungal infections in the other ear. Yesterday he had his ears flushed out and the operation to remove his eye. He did very well and today is acting as if nothing ever happened. Despite his collar to stop him scratching at the stitches, he still manages to get about and do everything he normally would. He had a peaceful night although i can't say the same as i woke up a few times after being bashed in the face with his collar as he was trying to snuggle up to me.

It is a long drive to the vets and costs a lot in petrol so we always try and take more than one dog at a time. yesterday we took Sage to be spayed and she is recovering well.

On the way to the vets, we saw a very thin female dog who had cans tied to her back legs. When Tony went to help her she just cowered and froze. We put her in the cage in the back of the car and had Courage and Sage on the back seat. Last night we took her to the house as we have no room at the shelter. Kerry has been looking after her and today she is still very scared but starting to come round and wag her tail at Kerry. She has taken a liking to Barney. Barney is very slow as he is so old and blind so she probably doesn't feel at all threatened by him.

Two pups brought back to the shelter from seperate rescues.

Posted on November 2, 2012 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (2)

What was supposed to be a day out with Sam and Nikita, turned into another rescue mission. We decided to go to some caves which was a three and a half hour drive away. So many times we stopped along the way to feed pups and dogs. We couldn't pick them all up as we would have picked up over 10 before we got there. A couple of weeks ago we were asked if we could go and help some pups in a layby near

the caves. We had two of our dogs in cages due to lack of space so we weren't in a position to go and take in more. We went to check if they were still there and sadly they are. They are very scared and were fighting with each other. We only managed to catch one that had lost an eye.

On the way back we had to stop on a busy road when we saw a litter of young pups all crossing a busy road. one pup got hit by a car and ran off screaming. Sam managed to grab one of the pups but the others all went under a fence. By this time it was very dark and Sam could see the pups had joined their mother on the other side of the fence. the little one that had been hit by a car had stopped screaming and apart from the problem of where we would put them, it wouldn't have been safe to try and get them. The two pups we did rescue are now settled in a large cage. That doesn't stop us from thinking and worrying about all the dogs we saw and fed today that we didn't bring back. Sadly we just don't have the room. By the time we got home we must have seen or fed nearly 20 dogs or pups that all needed help.

I have to say that at just three years old, Nikita was a little star today. We were parked on a very busy road after seeing the litter of pups crossing the road. Sam passed me the one she had managed to catch and then went looking for the one that had been hit by a car and the others. I had to move the car and turn round so I told Nikita she had to be a big girl and look after the pup for me. She held the pup all the way home despite us having to stop again after it was sick on her.

The little pup who has lost an eye will need to go to the vets in the city.




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21st August 2012

We were asked if we could help this old boy in Smolyan. We set off this morning and a lady met to show us which area he was in. it took a while to find him and when we did he was very scared. He is 15 years old and had been thrown out. He was run over and then someone put bread in the road and deliberately ran over him a second time in an attempt to kill him. He was then left and no one has bothered with him apart from one old lady who fed him every day. It took a while to catch him as he dragged himself under a vehicle to hide. He is now back at the shelter. It might be that someone else takes him over who has better access to specialist treatment for him. We are a long way from any good vets. For now he is just resting after the stress of being caught. Thank you Daisy for meeting us in Smolyan and coming with us to find him and to Ineke for naming him Zorba

23rd August 2012

Zorba was taken to a vet in Plovdiv this morning. I have just heard from kerry and Tony and this is the update. His xrays showed no damage apart from a lot of wear and tear to his joints, especially his hips.  He had full movement in his legs when the vet moved them and was able to feel his back paws. His blood tests showed that he is anaemic but that is probably due to worms, fleas and lice. He has no heartworm and his blood work was surprisingly good for a dog his age. The vet said he might possibly have recovered from being run over but was in so much pain anyway with his arthritis that it was too much for him to support himself fully. She thinks that he could improve on pain medication and as he builds up condition and gets stronger. He is to go back in another month for a check up and to check the anaemia. Due to the wear and tear of his joints, we might still have to get a wheelchair for him but on the whole it is good news. It has been stressful for him and although the vet was very gentle with him, he did have to be muzzled as he was trying to bite her. I think he will be glad to get back here to his bed. Tony stayed with him the whole time to reassure him.

Many dogs fall ill after first vaccination

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I was away for a week visiting my mum for the first time in two years at the end of june/begining of July. Tony had a terrible week when many of the dogs became ill after having their first vaccination. Us and the vets were totally baffled as the pups and dogs were different ages, kept in different parts of the buildings and no other dogs or pups were ill at the time. None of them including the dogs that fell ill had a temperature. All the dogs that had  their second vaccinations were fine and both us and the vets double checked all the vaccine bottles and all were well in date. Two vets came out and none of us can come up with any explanation. Sadly Hamish, Manni and Jerry died while I was away and Kirstie died just after I came back. Dooley, leeba and Hvidfod weren't very well but made a full recovery.

 Tony did update about Jerry but then just didn't feel able to write anything about the others as he was so upset. I did say I would update about it when I got back and apologise for being late in doing so. Things are always quite hectic here but it has been even more chaotic for the past couple of weeks with the builders here doing the roof and on top of that Tony wasn't well when his diabetes got dangerously out of control so we have had a few hospital visits.

We always feel so bad on the people who named pups when they don't make it and all i can say is that we did our best for them, They knew love and care and the donation for naming them helped with their costs for food, flea and worm treatements, vitamins and medication.

R.I.P Jerry, Hamish, Manni and Kirstie.



RSDR have won the Sunsuper Competition

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Hi everyone. This is Anita. Today I got a phone call from Sunsuper about the Sunsuper Dreams competition. I got a shock when next minute the lady was telling me that my Dream had won, and that Rudozem Street Dog Rescue will be granted the $ 5000 monies. The lady advised that they had fraudulent systems in place and that the other charity that had been ahead had many illegal votes. After checking all the votes officially. RSDR are ahead and are the winners. This is fanastic news for all. I then received an email from them confirming everything, and I had to fill out a form, and send back.

They would then send another email, when it was announced on the website. Well Just now checked, and the Sunsuper Website has now officially put it on the i can tell everyone!!!! I'm so ecstatic. Thank you very much to each everyone of our supporters that voted, to all the RSDR team that worked so hard sharing and telling everyoe, and most of all to Diane & Tony, the Rowles kids and all the dogs and cats at RSDR...because without them, there would be no RSDR and all the animals in the Rudozem area would not be here today... xxxxx Anita xx

Thank you to our Supporters in the Sunsuper Competition. Please help RSDR now in our Roof Appeal before winter.

Posted on July 1, 2012 at 9:30 AM Comments comments (0)



I would like to thank everyone for their hard work these past 30 days in promoting RSDR in the Sunsuper Dream competition for June 2012.
I would also like to thank all the other registered charities that participated, and note all are deserving in benefiting animals and people. So thank you for participating. RSDR feel honoured to be a part of it all.


All team members and supporters worked extremely hard promoting RSDR in Facebook, Twitter, Forums, Email, family, and other online social applications, with trying to get the word out as much as possible to Vote for RSDR. We can't thank you enough for those that worked so hard.


Throughout the competition there were 3 small charities fighting it out for first place.


Early on in the competition, RSDR took the lead twice, but changed positions from First to Second to third and back, and were then coming second/third for about 10 days. From the 18th June RSDR managed to take first place, and stayed in that position for over 12 days with a lead of approximately 800 votes.


Unfortunately on the last day of the competition, a late entry by a foundation run by a celebrity actor was entered. Even though we applaud this foundations charitial aims and ideas, I will admit being disappointed that it took 1 Tweet on the Famous Actors Twitter page, to overtake all the smaller charities within 6 hours, whilst all of the smaller charities had all worked so hard for 30 days.


Votes were coming in about 100 votes per minute in those final few hours.....and RSDR tried desperately to fight back, however they easily overtook us with about 1.5 hours to go in the competition.


The competition has now closed, and Votes will be now checked officially and the winner will be announced in the following days.


However, we need YOUR support more then ever now to help RSDR. We have only 4 months to rasie 16,000 euro for the remaining 2 sections of the roof.


I honestly do not believe it will last another winter and that it will collapse.


I still keep thinking of the times last Winter when Diane and I would be talking together and she would be telling me how frightened she was...the roof was making creakin and loud noises, and bowing and sagging so low from the heavy snow.......holes were opening up in the roof near the staffroom......It was a very frightening time and I still remember just how frightened they all were.


The ROOF situation is now a life threatening situation and time is running out. It is not only the dogs and cats that I am worried about, it's also Diane & Tony. I know Diane will never leave them, if the roof was coming down on them, they would all go together. I don't want that to happen.


I implore everyone now to please help by making a donation on our roof fund either on the donate options at

or by paypal donation email

Thank you all very much.


Anita Weber.


Screen shot 24 hours before end of competition and in the final minute.



Words from our Founder Diane Rowles on the 30 June 2012.


I woke up to the disappointing news that we didn't come first in the Sunsuper Dreams competition. We were pipped at the post by a late entry, a foundation of a famous actor who obviously has many fans.


We really only have four months now to raise funds for the new shelter roof. Last winter the roof nearly collapsed under the weight of snow which would have been devastating. We now have nearly 150 dogs and cats at the shelter and there is nowhere else for them. We cannot risk facing another winter with the danger of the roof collapsing and killing all the dogs. We have raised one third of the total cost and the builder has agreed to do a third of the roof. This still leaves the problem that two thirds of the building is unsafe for the 100 animals in that part. For months now we have been praying for more adoptions and saying we can only take in the most critical cases. Sadly there are so many critical cases and if we don't take them it would be certain death for them.


What do we do? Bring them to a shelter where the dogs already there are at risk from a dangerous roof or leave them to die?


It is easy to say we can't take any more dogs but when you are knelt over a tiny pup that has no chance of surviving on the streets or a dog that has been so badly starved and abused that it can't stand, then it is another matter. I personally can't walk away and leave them and i know that none of us could and our supporters wouldn't want us to, so we just have to raise the funds for the rest of the roof to be done. We have to do it for our dogs as there is no other option. Please help us in our appeal.


I would like to thank everyone who voted and supported for us and most of all Anita who submitted her dream and has worked non-stop for the past month.

Diane. x

Rudozem Street Dog Rescue (RSDR)



If you can help by making a donation on our roof fund either on the donate options at


If you can help with any fundraising for the roof please go to:







ALL SUPPORTERS -- Use Easysearch to search on the net, and raise funds for RSDR at the same time.

go to http://​


UK SUPPORTERS -- Use the Easyfundraising site, to shop. Go to: http://​​causes/rsdr/

You can shop from over 2,000 well known stores and each will donate up to 15% of what you spend.

It's very simple - once you've registered with Easyfundraising making RSDR your Cause. When you shop with one of the retailers, the Easyfundraising system makes a note of your purchase, collects the donation from the retailer and passes it to your chosen good cause. That's it! No hassle for you, we do all the hard work while you shop as your normally would.

June 2012 Newsletter is now available on the website

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The June 2012 newsletter is now out and available on our website with the monthly news that has been happening at RSDR.







Rudozem Street Dog Rescue
RSDR Registered Foundation No: 175647065

Vote for RSDR & May Newsletter now available on the website.

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Hi Everyone


Our blog has been down for the last few weeks, so we haven't been able to comment on the website much, however at anytime you can still check our facebook page for any daily updates and photos / videos of the dogs & cats at RSDR. 




Diane has released now the May 2012 Newsletter, so if you would like to check out the latest newsletter for what has been happening at RSDR the past month. 

RSDR are also been nominated for 2 competitions this month, which would be fantastic if we could win either of them.  This would mean a lot to us.


We have first been entered in the Sunsuper Dreams to win $ 5000 for the month of June.


If you could please VOTE, it only takes one minute and share by email or facebook with all your family and friends the below link.

RSDR ARE COMING THIRD. We currently have 712 Votes..... Second place has 792 votes....and First place ahead of us has 815 Votes.

Winning this amount of money would make such a difference to RSDR with our dog shelter as we need to renovate the roof URGENTLY.  RSDR need this shelter, as by next Winter, we might not even have a shelter.  Last winter the roof nearly collapsed on the dogs/humans from the snow.  Please don't let it happen we need the funds so we can fix the roof before this years winter.  Please share this with all your friends.

If you haven't already please VOTE at



We have also been entered in Bigheart Bingos to win £500 pounds for the month of June.



You can vote by liking their facebook page at the following link and then commenting on their timeline page saying "I vote for RSDR"

or you can email saying "I vote for RSDR (Rudozem Street Dog Rescue) for the month of June"

Voting ends on the 30th June.

Please then spread the word with all your family and friends!



View our Video Document about RSDR with added section about our Roof Appeal

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URGENT APPEAL - Please help with transport in the UK for 2 cats

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NEED HELP WITH TRANSPORT - Rudozem Street Dog Rescue needs your help. 2 of our RSDR cats Sassy and Phoebe need to be urgently transported in the UK within the week.

Due to a domestic situation, the 2 cats need to be rehomed. We have temporary foster care set up for the 2 girls, but need help with transporting them from Durham to the West Midlands Area (near Birmingham)

If you can help, even for transporting the cats part of the way please ring Julie at Mobile: 07821042396 email:

WE ARE ALSO LOOKING FOR FOSTER CARERS OR PERSONS THAT MAY WISH TO FOSTER OR ADOPT SASSY/PHOEBE as the person volunteering foster carer now is only very temporary...

If anyone can foster these cats please contact Julie at the above number or email.