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Rudozem Street Dog Rescue

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URGENT APPEAL - RSDR is urgently seeking your help to save our shelter and the street dogs & cats of Bulgaria. 

Our latest adoption transport that was full of adopted animals has been cancelled.

A new ruling has passed in Bulgaria that animals from the streets can no longer be transported from registered charities unless they are also from a registered shelter. The RSDR shelter still needs to be renovated before it can be registered, so we are unable to produce the export certificates our animals need to go to their new homes.

There are thousands of animals in the streets that are suffering and needing our help. RSDR has been vital to saving and adopting over 1500 animals to other countries since 2009.

This effects the plight and future of street animals in Bulgaria as we will no longer be able to take in any that may desperately need help, with the shelter full and renovations needing to be done.

We urgently appeal for you to make a donation so we can renovate the sections the shelter needs, and purchase the items required for the shelter to be approved.

Please share our fundraiser and make a donation.

1st February 2917.

PRESS HERE - To visit our Shelter Renovations Page for more details


By adopting a dog or cat from Rudozem Street Dog Rescue, you are helping to save the life of a animal which may have suffered abuse, hardship or would have died on the streets.   Each Adopter is asked for a donation towards the cost of transport. This donation does not cover all the costs incurred, but helps ensure RSDR continue to do their rescue work in saving and caring for more street dogs. 

Before deciding to adopt from RSDR, we ask you to read the following brochure about our animals to see if you are committed to taking on a rescue animal from the streets.   

An RSDR dog/cat is a rescue animal that might have suffered or seen much abuse on the streets in Bulgaria, and has been taken to the RSDR shelter.  He/she has been slowly rehabilitated over a period of time, and has become used to the security of shelter life & the humans that look after him/her. They are special animals that have endured much, so need special time and consideration by our adopters, when settling into their new homes.   

RSDR Brochure - Read First

RSDR'S rehoming policy with children

RSDR's general policy with rehoming to a family with children, is that we would not rehome animals with children under the age of 8 years old. We will however make the odd exception to this rule in exceptional cases depending on the level of experience of the family and if we have background information on the animal being good around young children. Also we do appreciate some children will have grown up with animals and have a better understanding of them and how they need to be treated. So if we know the children and dog background, and the family to be experienced with dog body language, on occasion we may make exceptions, but in general we will turn a home down with young children under 8 years old.

If you have a child or children under 8 and you feel you can demonstrate a significant level of experience of caring for a dog in your family setting, please do fill out an application form. We review all applications on their merits, but feel we should emphasise that this is a high bar which means that we do refuse a large number of applications.

View Animals Available for Adoption

Adoption Contribution

Each adopter is asked to make a donation towards the cost of transport. This cost will vary depending on your country of destination.  Each adoption trip costs RSDR approximately 3000 British Pounds for the use of the whole transport vehicle.  

RSDR needs a minimum of 12/13 dogs per trip to cover the transport costs.  If there are not enough adoption numbers on a transport, the adoption trip may need to be postponed until there are enough numbers.  The animals at RSDR will only leave the shelter on transport once they have been adopted.  


All our dogs and cats travel by road with a registered TRACES pet travel company under TRACES imports/exports on our scheduled adoption trips we have every 1-2 months. 

The dogs usually will leave the shelter in Bulgaria by road, on a Friday and arrive in the Netherlands, Belgium or UK on a Sunday depending on travel/weather conditions/ and other circumstances which are out of RSDR control).  

For animals travelling to the UK, with the TRACES scheme being implemented for rescue dogs and cats, after entry into the UK, the animals will stay at a destination address for 48 hours and may be checked by a AHVLA vet during the 48 hour period.  

Netherlands / Belgium Adoptions

1.  To adopt a dog or cat, please go our Netherlands Adoption Website to read about the adoption process in the Netherlands and Belgium.

     (Living in the Netherlands or Belgium but don't speak Dutch and only english - fill out our UK Application form below -- but put Netherlands or Belgium for country.)

The adoption donation is as follows:

RSDR Dogs - 290 euros 

RSDR Cats  - 140 euros 

United Kingdom Adoptions

1.  Press here to view the UK adoption Process and to fill out a UK application form.

The adoption donation is as follows:

RSDR Dogs - 310 pounds

RSDR Cats  - 150 pounds

Local Adoptions in Rudozem, Bulgaria

1.  Please email [email protected] for the Adoption Process in Rudozem area, Bulgaria.   

2. To adopt a dog locally in the Rudozem area in Bulgaria please fill out our UK application form above  (in english)  -  but note Bulgaria under country.

The adoption donation is as follows:

RSDR Dogs - 100 euros

RSDR Cats -  75 euros

Other Countries

With the implementation of commercial travel of imports/exports of TRACES in Europe, RSDR are currently only doing adoptions to Belgium, UK and the Netherlands where we have established adoption teams, and where applicants can undergo a home check and interview process.    At this stage we are not doing adoptions to other countries except for those mentioned.  You can read about TRACES at   

Sample Adoption Contract

Adoption Contract - Sample  (This is a generic version of our adoption contract which will adapt slightly to suit each country)

Optional Donations towards Vaccinations / Neutering

Please check our Online Shop for dogs and cats currently waiting for Vaccination and Neuter Donations.   

RSDR cover in advance the costs of flea/worming treatments, vaccinations, passports/microchipping, spay/neuter.  Not all of our animals have donations towards these expenses, and sometimes leave the shelter having never been sponsored or having any of the above costs donated for, with RSDR not being able to recoup these expenses.

Even though it is not compulsory for adopters, if you would like to donate extra towards these funds for your RSDR dog and cat, so RSDR can continue with their life saving work, it is much appreciated.  

Vaccinations, microchipping and passports currently cost us 33 euros per dog/cat.  

Approximate cost of neuter/spay depending on weight:

Male - 80 euros

Small Female - 80 euros

Medium Female - 100 euros

Large Female - 120 euros 

Athough we prefer all animals to be neutered/spayed before adoption this isn't always possible due to age and the fact that the vet is approximately a 4 hour drive from Rudozem.  We greatly appreciate any donations above the minimum asked for towards transport.  

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